TA+ Raw Australian Honey Straws [sachet/shot]


Need a Energy Boost? Your favourite honey in simple convenient sachets. Great for sporting activities or an afternoon energy lift, with Karibee pure raw honey you will feel the difference.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy for traveling.
  • Suitable for all kinds of food and beverage flavoring,  with breakfast cereal or as a coffee sweetner, it is the best choice to replace sugar.
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Honey Shot

Honey Sachet

Honey Straw

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm



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TA5+ Multifloral, TA15+ Eucalyptus

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Karibee is cultivated from Western Australian National Parks. These parks are home to over 800 kinds of eucalyptus trees and rich Australian bush flora. Karibee put great care in bringing to you this purest form of nature’s liquid gold. WA bees travel to protected wilderness to forage on pollen and are not sugar fed. As such pure honey is a natural sweetener while also being a nutritious, abundant energy source for your good health and well-being.
Karibee is honey brand owned and produced by Australian Natural Biotechnology Pty Ltd (as ANB). Australian Natural Biotechnology Pty Ltd is a comprehensive company that is early engaged in integrating pure natural honey bee industry, skincare products, nutritional health supplements, research, development, production and trade. It is headquartered in Perth, the capital of Western Australia. ANB has an extraordinary technical research team, and five core technical scientists also authoritative experts in the fields of agriculture, food, nutrition, medicine, and microbiology. ANB and the University of Western Australia Clinical School of Medicine, the Australian Bee Industry Joint Research Centre, Curtin University School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Western Sydney School of Food Nutrition, Western Australia’s Chem Centre Government Laboratory also carried out multi-faceted cooperation, focusing on the product transformation ofresearch and development of scientific and technological achievements.
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