TA5+ Karibee Multiflora Honey


This is the honey of a hundred flowers.

Multi-flora honey is nectar from different plant varieties blooming at the same time. What is charming about multi-flora honey varieties is their uniqueness. Each hive collects nectar from different flowers and thus two bee colonies give us two different types of honey. So we are offered some ‘health benefit ‘each time of different composition, diligently collected from different hives and flowers.



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TA5+ Karibee Multiflora Honey

The honey of a hundred flowers. This is both the most common type of honey and also the rarest. Because it is composed of nectars from flowers blossoming at a particular period of time in a particular place, it is essentially impossible to reproduce it exactly from year to year. But often it has a predominant nectar or a particular mix of flora that gives it a recognizable flavor that is prized from year to year.

Multiflora Honey nature’s delicious and nutritious gift to mankind. It contains not only life supporting vitamins and minerals, but naturally occurring enzymes. These aid functions such as digestion, cell regeneration, tissue repair, bone maintenance, muscle activity and even thinking itself! On top of this, the raw honey has total activity (TA) of 5+ which is recommended for everyday use and wellness.

About Karibee

Karibee is a premium honey brand from Western Australia that was started in 1960. The business operates from a base located on approximately 500acres of virgin Banksia woodland surrounded by the Moore River National Park. This location is remote, 150km north of Perth, in the Central West region of Western Australia.The Karibee Honey brand prides itself on world class beekeeping producing high quality honey. WA’s clean environment has benefiteand unique native vegetation results in top quality varietals of honey found nowhere else on earth. This combination marks Karibee as the ultimate producer of natural premium Western Australian honey.

Dr. Peter Detchon

Dr Peter Detchon, the manager of ANB’s apiary, is a leader in the WA bee industry. He has shaped the beekeeping industry in Western Australia, laying the foundation for the beekeeping businesses. Dr Detchon was the doctor that successfully graduated from the University of Western Australia’s Medical school. He was the first beekeeper to advocate for a full-scale zero pesticide, zero-antibiotic beekeepering in Western Australia. His advocacy was instrumental in making the government legislate this change; a legislation that still exists. He was the first biological expert to advocate for scientific beekeeping, to cultivate sterile bee species as his own beekeeping subject. He trained the descendants of ‘hygiene Queen’ to be stronger and produce honey colonies.

Over 100 Years of experience in Bee Keeping and its research and development

Australian Natural Biotechnology Pty Ltd (ANB) owns and produces Karibee, actively integrating the honey bee industry with skincare products, nutritional health supplements, and engaging in research, development, production, and trade. Its headquarters are in Perth, Western Australia. ANB has an extraordinary technical research team, with 5 core technical scientists as experts in the fields of agriculture, food, nutrition, medicine and microbiology. ANB and the University of Western Australia Clinical School of Medicine, the Australian Bee Industry Joint Research Centre, Curtin University School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Western Sydney School of Food Nutrition, Western Australia’s Chem Centre Government Laboratory also carried out multi-faceted cooperation, focusing on the product transformation ofresearch and development of scientific and technological achievements.

What does “TA” mean

Natural honey’s anti-microbial quality is measured by the term “Total Activity (TA)”. The TA is like a bacteria killing scale; the higher the TA, the greater the antimicrobial strength. The anti-bacterial activity of honey is derived via natural enzymes, such as glucose oxidation as chemicals in the honey.

TA5+, TA10+
Everyday Care: improves digestions, cell regrowth, energy recovery.

Daily care boost: helps to relief respiratory system diseases, urinary system infections and diseases, boosts immune system.

Supplementary benefits: fight against respiratory system diseases, improve urinary system medical treatments and boosts immune system.

TA25+, TA35+
Medical treatments: aid skin infections ,fight against helicobacter pylori treat oral diseases. The high level of TA also benefits in anti-aging.

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Total Activity






Karibee is cultivated from Western Australian National Parks. These parks are home to over 800 kinds of eucalyptus trees and rich Australian bush flora. Karibee put great care in bringing to you this purest form of nature’s liquid gold. WA bees travel to protected wilderness to forage on pollen and are not sugar fed. As such pure honey is a natural sweetener while also being a nutritious, abundant energy source for your good health and well-being.
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