Certified Organic Raw TA35+ Jarrah Honey Squeeze


Indulge in the sweetness of Bee Happy Certified Organic Raw TA35+ Jarrah Honey, sourced from the breathtaking jarrahdale forests in south west Australia.

This honey offers a uniquely dark and thick texture with a delightful caramel aftertaste, making it a true treat for your taste buds. With its low glucose and high fructose levels, our Jarrah honey stands apart with its less sweet profile, guaranteeing it won’t candy over time.

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يشتهر عسل جارا، المشتق من شجرة جارا في غرب أستراليا، بخصائصه القوية المضادة للبكتيريا ولونه الغني الداكن. يتم البحث عنه بشكل خاص بسبب مستوياته العالية من مضادات الأكسدة التي تعزز الشفاء وتعزز المناعة.


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Certified Organic Raw TA35+ Jarrah Honey Squeeze

عسل جارا الخام العضوي المعتمد TA35+

This honey is independently tested and boasts an impressive >TA 35+ antimicrobial activity level, ensuring the highest quality for your delight.

Embrace the natural nutritional magic of Bee Happy Honey as we bring you the best of Australia’s jarrah forests. Untouched and unfiltered, straight to your table.


If you’re a lover of honey and are looking for a premium quality product, then look no further than Bee Happy Apiaries.

As a certified organic apiary with over 400 hives, their bees move around the state of Western Australia. Following the floral seasons and harvesting only the finest honey from each region. From the spring wildflowers of Lancelin to the famous jarrah in Jarradale, Bee Happy Apiaries offers a wide range of delicious honeys that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

So why settle for generic honey when you can enjoy the unique flavors and high-quality products of Bee Happy Apiaries? Order now and taste the difference for yourself!

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Bee Happy Apiaries


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