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Fewsters certified organic honey (ACO) blend combines the best of Western Australian honeys such as, Wandu, Banksia, Red Gum and Karri.

To achieve organic certification means that the honey must be free of chemicals and pesticides and harvested in a clean and natural environment. This honey is harvested from some of the most pristine and disease free forests in the world.

Honey is extracted in Muchea and packed in Perth – both at organic certified facilities. The product is not heat treated and it is not ultra-filtered. This means it retains all of the goodness that Mother Nature intended.

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Certified organic raw honey


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This certified organic honey (ACO) is gathered from the forests and bushlands of the south west of Western Australia, this honey is a must have in your pantry.

Fewster’s Farm Premium Raw Honey comes straight from the beehive and all we do is strain it before we bottle it. This ensures it retains most of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that it naturally contains.

In comparison, regular processed honey is clear with a smooth texture, an even colour, and an inability to crystallise. This is because regular honey is pasteurised before it is bottled. The many steps of processing also result in it losing the beneficial nutrients and goodness from the original nectar and pollen.

Fewster’s Farm natural honey is not heat treated nor processed, it will naturally crystallise.

Perfect with your morning toast or cereals, or for a warming cup of milk in the evening. Good for cooking and marinating an incredible variety of vegetables and meats.

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Fewsters Farm

Fewster’s Farm is one of the largest producers of honey in Western Australia. Fewster’s Farm honey is as pristine as the environment it comes from. The honey is never heat-treated, no chemicals or preservatives are added and the honey comes naturally from the hive to your home. Organic Food Chain has accredited Fewster’s Farm as organically certified, meaning the honey extraction and processing centre is inspected regularly by the Organic Food Board and the honey itself must come from environments in which there is no agricultural or industrial activity within a 5 km radius. The honey is tested for microbial content and must adhere to strict guidelines in order to remain organically certified. Fewster’s Farm is one of the biggest producers of Jarrah honey in the world. Jarrah honey is known for its high anti- oxidants and healing properties.
Fewster’s Farm has been operated by the same family since 1898. Currently Fewster’s Farm is managed by fourth generation beekeeper, Mr Kim Fewster. Fewster’s Farm prides itself in continuing a long tradition of ethical beekeeping. Our bees are well looked after and our honey is unadulterated and pure. Fewster’s Farm has some of the best apiary sites in the forests and natural reserves of Western Australia. This allows us to choose the best locations to place our bee hives each season. The entire range of Fewster’s Farm honey is 100% free from any chemicals or pesticides, and harvesting is done to ensure that optimum goodness is retained. Fewster’s Farm prides itself on its excellence in producing high quality, healthy, tasty, 100% pure Western Australian honey.
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