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Elixir Raw Honey comes to you from the wilderness of Western Australia, a vast clean land protected by desert and ocean. In this seclusion the bees spends the long sunny days feasting on rich nectar. They use organic standards to conserve the natural goodness of the product so it is:

  • Flavourful
  • Pure, natural, real food
  • Often creamy & set
  • Lower GI than sugar
  • Rich in pollen, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins & amino acids
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Elixir - Premium Australian Honey


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Discover the exquisite flavors of Elixir Raw Honey, a product of 20 years of passion for the great outdoors and high-quality food, rooted in a family hive that blossomed into a thriving honey business. Located in the lush town of Denmark, Western Australia, Elixir Honey is nestled amidst pristine forests, producing exceptionally pure honey that captures the unique essence of the region’s diverse flora.

Western Australia’s rich botanical variety is reflected in our honey, offering a range of flavors, textures, and colors that vary with the seasons, ensuring every batch is unique. This diversity not only delights the palate but also enriches our diet, mirroring the varied diets of our ancestors.

Our honey collection includes several distinct varieties, each with its own unique characteristics:

  • Banksia Honey: A rich, dark honey with a smoky citrus flavor, perfect for culinary uses.
  • Blackbutt Honey: Dark and aromatic with notes of bush blossom and molasses.
  • Jarrah Honey: Known for its strong, full-bodied flavor and healing properties.
  • Karri Honey: Light and mild with a delicate floral taste from the southwest forests.
  • Marri (Redgum) Honey: Medium-colored with a warm, peppery flavor.

Elixir Honey is gently processed to preserve its natural enzymes, vitamins, and flavors, offering a healthier alternative to table sugar. Our raw honey naturally sets over time, retaining all the beneficial properties of the bees’ labor. It can be softened by gently warming the jar in warm water.

Each variety of Elixir Honey comes from bees foraging in coastal plains or forest areas, ensuring a product that is purely Western Australian. Experience the taste of nature with our wide range of honey, from the light and creamy Wandoo to the robust and flavorful York Gum, each jar brings a piece of Western Australian wilderness to your table.

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