Bee Happy Premium Western Australian Beeswax


100% pure Western Australian beeswax.
This beeswax has a natural honey scent to it, it truly smells amazing!
The beeswax is filtered, unbleached and has not been treated or washed with chemicals so the colour will reflect the types of flora that were in flower during the season. This colour and hue of the beeswax will vary mildly from batch to batch and season to season depending on where the bees have been foraging.

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Bee Happy Premium Western Australian Beeswax

Discover the essence of purity with Bee Happy Apiaries, where they specialize in extracting the finest quality beeswax to bring you the cleanest, richest color.

Filtered and unbleached, it reflects the diverse flora, offering a unique color variation. Versatile and pure excellence, ideal for crafting lip balms, candles, hand creams, and more. Burns longer, preserving and enhancing soap durability. From the pristine region of Western Australia, Bee Happy Apiaries brings you nature’s finest, packaged naked.

🌿 100% Pure Western Australian Beeswax

Our beeswax is filtered, unbleached, and free from chemical treatments. Allowing its natural color to reflect the diverse flora in bloom during the season. This gentle variation in color and hue, from batch to batch and season to season, echoes the unique foraging journeys of our bees.

Beeswax is a versatile marvel, perfect for crafting lip balms, shaping beards/moustaches, creating candles, hand creams, soaps, beeswax wraps, furniture polish, dreadlocks, surfboard wax, and even didgeridoos!

Pure Beeswax: Burns longer and cleaner than ordinary wax candles, offering a subtle characteristic scent.

Beeswax Preservation: This timeless product does not go off and contributes to the increased life and durability of soaps by enhancing their hardness.

Brand: Bee Happy Apiaries

Packaging: Naked

Region: Western Australia


Bee Happy

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