TA35+ Raw Jarrah Honey


The thick, dark, and non-crystallising Jarrah honey is one of the healthiest in the world, even outperforming the wildly popular New Zealand Manuka variety. This honey has the highest certified activity rating given by Australian laboratories at TA 35+, meaning it has extremely high medicinal properties.

Colour: Medium to semi dark amber
Flavour: Rich full-bodied; delicate and smooth

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Jarrah honey, derived from the Jarrah tree of Western Australia, is renowned for its potent antibacterial properties and rich, dark color. It is particularly sought after for its high levels of antioxidants which promote healing and boost immunity.


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Jarrah Honey is a monofloral honey sourced from a Eucalypt tree species only found in Western Australia. It has one of the highest antioxidant levels found in produce and has a lower GI than most other honeys. Much research has been carried out on Jarrah honey. It has high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity and due to its high hydrogen peroxide level, it can inhibit Golden Staph bacteria (which can cause a range of mild to severe infections).

As Jarrah honey is a high fructose honey, consumers who are diabetic and still desire some sweetness in their diet will find this honey beneficial whereas some other honeys in the world are much higher in glucose.

This honey is harvested from a green and clean environment. We use no chemicals or pesticides. Our honey is guaranteed 100% natural, sourced direct from the beekeeper and provided with no additives or preservatives. All honey is raw and cold processed to preserve the enzymes and proteins in the honey.

A Buzz from the Bees pride themselves in selling only export quality pure honey. Each production of honey is given a certification by ChemCentre, a Western Australian statutory authority, certifying its activity.

Pure Western Australian honey

Brand: A Buzz from the Bees
Varietal: Jarrah
Total Activity: TA35+
Region: Western Australia
Processing: Raw
Size: 60g, 250g, 500g
Packaging: Glass, PET

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A Buzz from the Bees

Founder Kim Cheeseman has been beekeeping since he and his father found an abandoned hive on a roadside near Merredin when he was 8 years old. Beginning by helping his parents sell honey in the weekly local market, Kim embarked on realising his vision of sharing the pristine honey he would harvest each year with the rest of the world, and in 2010 he officially established A Buzz from the Bees. Since then, their mission has been to instil in the world a renewed reverence in nature. They aim to do this by sharing the goodness of the wild of Western Australia with the rest of the world. They are committed to providing only pure, 100% natural and sustainably produced products from Western Australia's most pristine forests. For more see: https://honey-boutique.com.au/a-buzz-from-the-bees/
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  • English

    Honey Online

    This is by far the best honey i have ever tasted! i have always enjoyed honey but never realised how fabulous it could taste. Recently I tried some of our “old” honey as i was running out…. l won’t do that again. Thanks Tony for shipping to Sydney! Looking forward to receiving my Red Gum, Blackbutt and honeycomb!
    Rona Eyres Starr

  • English

    Honey Online

    Great unadulterated natural product. WA Jarrah honey is so unique!
    Azhian Li

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